1 Microeconomics

(Arranged in alphabetical order)

Choices ... the gist of economics [4 KB]
Comparative static vs dynamic analysis of markets [41 KB]
Competitive firm (Long-run and short-run supply) [12 KB]
Competitive firm and market [23 KB]
Consumer choice 1 (summary) [18 KB]
Consumer choice 2 (more detailed) [41 KB]
Consumer surplus and producer surplus [50 KB]
Cost curves (short run and long run) [52 KB]
Costs [16 KB]
Demand curve (derivation) [12 KB]
Demand, supply, and market equilibrium [31 KB]
Edgeworth box [24 KB]
Efficiency (perfect competition vs monopoly) [19 KB]
Elasticities (summary) [16 KB]
Externalities [19 KB]
Goods (demand) [20 KB]
Goods (private vs public) [10 KB]
Import tariff and its effects [17 KB]
Income elasticity of demand [15 KB]
Income tax (proportional, progressive, regressive) [17 KB]
Labour market [11 KB]
Market demand (derivation) [7 KB]
Market structure (cost) [13 KB]
Market structure (demand) [10 KB]
Markets (forms) [13 KB]
Minimum wage [91 KB]
Natural monopoly [17 KB]
Objectives of a monopolist [13 KB]
Paradox of value [13 KB]
Pareto efficiency [67 KB]
Price controls (price ceiling and price floor) [12 KB]
Price controls and welfare [64 KB]
Price discrimination [12 KB]
Price elasticity of demand [46 KB]
Price elasticity of supply [15 KB]
Prisoner's dilemma [37 KB]
Production possibility frontier [22 KB]
Production technique (isoquants and isocosts) [12 KB]
Profit maximization [28 KB]
Returns to scale (increasing, decreasing and constant) [9 KB]
Shifts in demand and in supply 1 [14 KB]
Shifts in demand and in supply 2 (more detailed) [36 KB]
Shifts in demand and in supply 3 (market outcomes) [12 KB]
Shifts of a curve vs movements along a curve [21 KB]
State intervention and equilibrium [20 KB]
Subsidies [13 KB]
Substitution effect and income effect [63 KB]
Tax incidence 1 (introduction) [16 KB]
Tax incidence 2 (tax on sellers vs tax on buyers) [21 KB]
Tax incidence 3 (the role of the elasticities) [21 KB]
Utility [10 KB]

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