2 Macroeconomics

(Arranged in alphabetical order)

Aggregate demand-aggregate supply model 1 (introduction) [27 KB]
Aggregate demand-aggregate supply model 2 (application) [28 KB]
Aggregate demand, multiplier, and price level [28 KB]
Balance of payments UK [10 KB]
Business cycle (economic cycle) [12 KB]
Circular flow (with injections and withdrawals) [8 KB]
Classical view versus Keynesian view 1 [9 KB]
Classical view versus Keynesian view 2: An example [20 KB]
Comparative advantage [23 KB]
Crowding-out effect [83 KB]
Deflation [46 KB]
Economy and environment [4 KB]
Equilibria (Keynes) [48 KB]
Exchange rates [33 KB]
Fiscal policy [18 KB]
Gross domestic product (Methods of calculating ...) [14 KB]
Gross domestic product and gross national product [13 KB]
Inflation [16 KB]
Inflation, disinflation, deflation [6 KB]
Inflation and short-run Phillips curve [13 KB]
Investment demand [16 KB]
IS-LM model (derivation) [54 KB]
IS-LM model vs AD-AS model [25 KB]
Laffer curve [21 KB]
Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient [21 KB] (---> Excel spreadsheet to draw up Lorenz curves) [21 KB]
Macroeconomic indicators [14 KB]
Misery index [21 KB]
Monetary policy [10 KB]
Monetary transmission mechanism and liquidity trap [19 KB]
Money creation and money multiplier [14 KB]
Money market [7 KB]
Money market versus financial market [14 KB]
Movements vs shifts (curves) [31 KB]
Multiplier and accelerator [28 KB]
Objectives and policies [6 KB]
Paradox of thrift [25 KB]
Phillips curve [20 KB]
Poverty and wealth [12 KB]
Price level and employment [20 KB]
Redistribution of income (GB; Lorenz curves) [70 KB]
Saving, investment and trade balance [14 KB]
Stagflation [18 KB]
Unemployment and labour force [21 KB]

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