Can the minimum wage create jobs? (Link to 'timharford.com')
US vs China: A comparison of the economies (Link to 'mint.com')
Misery index - update 2012 [15 KB]
New Free Trade Agreements (Link to 'tutor2u.net')
How Greece could leave the eurozone - in five difficult steps (Link to the 'Guardian')
GDP growth (annual %) (Link to 'The World Bank')
China's Foreign Currency Reserves (Link to 'tutor2u.net')
How do you define poverty? (Link to 'tutor2u.net')
A new chapter is opened... [16 KB]
What is the Dutch disease? (Answer in 'tutor2u.net')
The Swiss Debt Brake - has it been a success? (Link to 'szgerzensee.ch')
What is the fiscal cliff? (Link to 'cfr.org')
Taxing monopolies (Tax on profits vs per unit-tax) [30 KB]
Price elasticity of demand - soft drinks vs fruit and vegetables (Link to 'tutor2u.net')

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